Of Counsel


Avv. Claudio Scaramella
Lawyer & Founder


Jefferson Abrantes
Jefferson Abrantes
Direito privado - Terceiro setor - ONGs
Dott. Marco Frusoni
Web Promotion - Social Media Management
Avv. Valentina Caporilli
Labour Law - Family Law
Dott.ssa Elisa Cignetti
Dott. Simone Dazzan
Business IT Solutions - IT Financial Applications Support
Dott.ssa Francesca Galanti
Business Innovation Management
Alessandro Luciano
Show Business Management & Career Counseling
Dott.ssa Giada Molinelli
Health Care Management
Avv. Guido Pascucci
Criminal Law - Insolvency Law
Dott. Emanuele Ferrari
New Business Development - StartUps
Avv. Giuseppe Tiripicchio
Administrative Law
Avv. Arturo Florimo
Tax Advisory - Tax Compliance
Avv. Daniele Poltronieri Notaio
Public Notary


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